SPA complex "Citrus freshness"

Grapefruit scrub, neroli body mask, orange massage oil.

Aromatherapy- joy, energy, friendship, good mood. Feeling- joy of life, optimism, self-confidence. Grapefruit essential oil prevents spiritual fatigue and is considered one of the most effective natural antidepressants. Grapefruit essential oil is an excellent antiseptic. It is not only struggling with various cutaneous inflammation, rashes, but also tightens the skin and maintains its tone and promotes healthy sebaceous glands, tightens the skin, effectively fighting against cellulite. Characterized by skin brightening properties, reduces pigmentation spots and gently smoothes skin tone, regulates sebaceous glands. Grapefruit essential oil tones and has energizuojančiomis properties reduces signs of depression and sadness. Grapefruit aroma mood and promotes self-confidence. Orange essential oil fragrance of the human body has a calming, mood and encourages optimism. The sun reminiscent of fruit to symbolize friendship, the fun and exhilaration. Sweet orange essential oil fragrance does the man positively encourages forget woes and helps to free themselves from the clutches of depression. On the skin using orange oil eliminates insomnia, anxiety, positive effect on skin tone, tightens the skin and effectively acting on the lymphatic system for fighting against cellulite. Contain materials having antiseptic orange oil rejuvenates the skin and gives it a healthy color. Restoring elastin and collagen content of the skin orange oil fights skin aging process, smoothes the skin surface and promotes skin cell regeneration. The result is smooth, soft, firm and radiant skin.