SPA complex "Red wine charms"

 Chocolate scrub, red wine body wrap and massage oil.
Aromatherapy - energy, good mood. Feeling- joy of life, toning, happiness, renewal, energy, increased libido. Cocoa beans have about 300 different beneficial substances to the human body, including dopamine and serotonin, which promotes "happiness hormone’s” production and concentration. Extremely rich in natural antioxidants cocoa beans increase the overall resistance of the organism. Cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa beans is very beneficial to the skin. Excellent softens and feeding, cocoa butter promotes skin cell regeneration, which is particularly suitable for dehydrated and lost tone skin. Cocoa butter increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces wrinkles and actively protects the skin from negative external influences. Toning Bordeaux red wine ritual has a strong grapes’ recoverable power and symbolizes the enduring vitality and long life. Red wine, the magic of melting exotic oils, rich in skin-repairing ingredients, vitamins, which results in a good mood, makes the skin soft and smooth, restores its elasticity, gives luminosity, sensuality and mystery. The result- the tone of a re-invigorated, soft, smooth and fresh skin.
100 MIN. 55